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Clear on your goals

Elevated in your skill set

Master of your time

Confident in your abilities

Refreshed with new ideas

Hopeful with a bright future in your sights

Empowered to take the next steps forward

Once you’ve completed 8 weeks in the RISE container, you’ll experience growth, both personally and professionally like never before. Reinvigorate yourself in a career that’s given you so much to be proud of already.

When you invest in yourself and your development, magical things happen.

In just 8 weeks, you can master the essential skills you need to take you from ‘unsure’ to ‘on fire’.

Whether you’ve been in business for one year or 30, this unmissable BDM training program is exactly what you need to up the ante on your performance as a BDM!

What's covered?

Here's the Curriculum

Each week in my signature BDM training program, we’ll cover a new foundational topic that will leave your clear on your direction, and more motivated than ever…


Journey and Success

Before you can look for success externally, whatever that looks like for you, you have to go within. By understanding your vision, values and strengths, as well as uncovering any limiting beliefs or ongoing stressors, you’ll be primed to take the next steps forward in your BDM training.


Goals and task organisation

When you have a clear plan of action, results are inevitable. You’ll learn the essential systems to take control of your workday to develop consistency in your both pipeline and your revenue.


Clients and Service

A personalised approach is the fast track ticket to your clients understanding your value. Never compete on price again by learning to humanise your customer experience and developing long-term meaningful relationships.


Connections and Networking

No matter where you go, there’s always an opportunity to make a connection. With every new human you meet, you’re one step closer to warm referrals from people who know, like and trust you. Once you develop the confidence to network effectively, you’ll never look back.



No matter how you approach it, prospecting makes up a huge proportion of your workload. When you do it effectively, and with intent, you’ll see more opportunities that lead to deeper relationships, better client retention and more managements secured.


Influencing and educating the marketplace

Knowledge is everything. When you have a clear idea of the intricacies of your area, you’ll have a clear advantage. You’ll be able to speak with to your ideal clients with confidence, sharing what you know to position yourself as a leader in your industry.


Social media

While social media is a hugely powerful tool, opportunities can be missed if it’s not being utilised correctly. When you provide depth of connection and value through your storytelling, you’ll attract the people that you want to work with.



In the grander scheme of your career, 8 weeks isn’t very long. Just because the program is coming to an end doesn’t mean your evolution will. The tools and attitudes you need to commit to your future already reside within you, and now it’s time to call on them – take action, consistently revisit your goals, implement what you’ve learned, and know you have what you need to stay ahead in this industry

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Who's it for?

This transformative 8-week experience is for BDMs who...

  • Aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable in order to grow
  • Are ambitious action takers
  • Want to develop a growth mindset
  • Want to service their clients, their team and the business in the best way possible
  • Are passionate about expanding their rent rolls
  • Are ready to invest in their development

What our Clients say

“Out of all the industry training I have ever completed this was by far the best program I have ever done. The program exceeded my expectations in every way. What I loved about it the most was that it was live and interactive, it was very well structured, detailed, it covered a broad range of topics relevant to our current industry/market and all of the lessons gave me tangible skills and knowledge I can take back into my business/role straight away and will help me grow for many years to come. Thank you for having me apart of the course Sarah!”

- Stella Rose

“I have just finished Sarah's RISE BDM program, after 5 years as a BDM and 12 in the industry I thought there wasn't anything new to learn. Was I wrong! Sarah's experience and knowledge along with the enthusiasm has given me a that extra push to strive to be a better, stronger agent. Thank you again Sarah.”

- Domenic Coniglio

“I recently attended Sarah's program RISE. Sarah is so passionate and full of knowledge about what she does. Sarah's willingness to share her knowledge and experience to empower others to be successful in their careers is great. Sarah actually helps you and answers question I encourage everyone to join this program. After being in the industry for 29 years even me the dinosaur learnt a lot in the 8 weeks program.”

- Rita Gargano

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