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Here’s the truth: BDMs are spending every day with their sleeves rolled up, working hard to achieve the goals of the business they represent…

But what if the goals are unclear?

What if there’s a performance plateau?

What if the relationships they start to build stay surface-level, and never fully develop?

It starts with BDMs who are feeling lost in the forever-evolving real estate industry, stuck on how to create new opportunities, feeling invisible, overwhelmed, deflated, or just unclear on what steps to take next.

The good news? The solution is closer than you think. If you’re ready to see improved performance based on unshakeable foundations…

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RISE With Sarah Cincotta

The biggest responsibility a BDM has is to drive growth and revenue for their company. The most important factor in a BDM feeling like they’re getting the most out of their career…? A mentor that believes in them. When you have the right guidance, you feel the promise of possibility. RISE was established to help BDMs develop the skills and strategies necessary to raise the revenue of the business, and build a meaningful career they love. When the right foundations are set in a way that aligns with their own values, success is inevitable. This is the guiding principle of RISE – elevating BDMs from client ‘chasers’ to magnetic investor relationship professionals.
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Sarah Cincotta

Empowering BDMs and business owners to RISE

Hey there, I’m Sarah. I mentor BDMs ready to elevate their performance, purpose and passion. I founded RISE to directly impact the lives of other BDMs and reframe the current industry beliefs attached to the title. BDMs deserve to be recognised as the dedicated, innovative, effective operators at the heart of their company’s growth, and I know exactly how to get them there.

While I’ve won multiple awards across Australia, built a stand-out reputation for performance and customer service, and enjoyed a hugely fulfilling career as a BDM in the real estate space, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the transformation each of my RISERs goes through as they experience my signature approach. I am the mentor ready to reimagine industry norms, lead with my heart and equip my clients with the skills and confidence to truly run their own race.

My role as a mentor is to offer support and guidance to those ready to receive it. From helping problem-solve, developing new skills, or simply acting as a reliable sounding board, I provide a safe and supportive space for each of my clients to grow and learn.


"Hard work, passion, determination and dedication got me everywhere in my career. My mission is to help BDMs in real estate achieve their full potential by providing comprehensive mentoring, training and support to help them raise their revenue, increase their influence, solidify their success, and embrace their evolution."

Sarah Cincotta | Founder


This industry means so much to me, and I’m honoured that it’s my turn to now give back. When you work with me, you’ll experience the Sarah Cincotta difference – the ‘corporate hippie’.

I am Confident

After more than a decade building up my skills and knowledge, I’m clear about which levers to pull to generate results. I have the performance results to back it up, and I’m thrilled that I get to share it all with my mentees, so they can RISE too.

I am Passionate

I know what’s possible for a BDM in real estate, and I’ll work alongside them to help them feel fulfilled, confident, clear and motivated as they learn how to elevate and embody their signature approach.

I am Determined

I’ve taken the reins in my own career. It wasn’t always easy, but it’s sure been worth it. No matter what, my persistence has paid off, and now I’m using it to help the people I work with to achieve their own triumphs.

I am Authentic

With me, what you see is what you get. I believe that part of being a magnetic, trusted mentor comes from having the confidence to completely embody my true self. I lead by example and equip my clients with the knowledge that authenticity is the key to building strong, lasting connections.

I am Heart-Centred

I bring my skills and experience along to guide my clients from a place of genuine care and support. We go way beyond focusing solely on revenue gains. Instead, I believe building meaningful relationships, understanding clients' needs, and making a positive impact on their lives will be the primary drivers of a long a fruitful career.

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“I recently completed Sarah's RISE program and had an amazing experience. Sarah's experience, knowledge and energy really sets her apart. The program is very well structured and covers all bases required to be the best BDM/Investor Relationship Manager you can possibly be. The only regret I have is not completing the program sooner!

- Nej Basak

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