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Hiring a Business Development Manager is the cheapest ‘business’ a business owner will ever invest in. But how do you maximise your return on investment? By giving your BDMs the training, knowledge and skills they need to truly thrive in their roles, delivered by an experienced BDM consultant. And while no one knows your industry better than you, delivering the level of training it takes to produce a truly great BDM takes the kind of time you simply don’t have as a director of a busy real estate business. Let me help you with that…

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A BDM who Truly Understands

We want the same things for your BDMs.

Their success means your revenue is heading in the direction you want it to, and they are thriving in a position that challenges and inspires them. You’ll have a satisfied, loyal, high-performing member of your team that will inspire those around them to rise alongside them.

As an experienced BDM Consultant, I’m perfectly placed to work with your BDMs with the complete understanding of their ambitions as well as how to overcome their challenges. Best of all, I tailor my consultancy work specific to your business, so you get exactly what you need to see your BDMs perform at their best.

Bespoke, personal service

I’ll work with your BDM team on your terms. For the duration of your 3-6 month contract, I’ll meet with your BDMs monthly to deliver training sessions based on the strategic goals we map out.

Exclusive access

For the time that I’m with you and your team, you’ll look at me like an extension of your business. We’ll form a strong bond where your BDMs will have the freedom to ask questions, share ideas, troubleshoot their challenges and build confidence in their direction.


I find that delivering these powerful sessions face to face is highly effective. While I’m based in Melbourne, I’m happy to meet with your team online anywhere in Australia to support their growth. No matter where you are, I’ll be in charge of equipping your BDM team for impressive performance.

What's included in my

BDM Consulting service


Personalised Training

Monthly personalised training sessions with the Business Development Management team


Performance check-ins

Monthly performance checking of each individual Business Development Manager


Accountability monitoring

Weekly accountability via WhatsApp to monitor tasks and activities completed


Priority Access

Access to me during the consulting period, same day reply to any questions or support needed


Insights & Solutions

Offering solutions to unforeseen challenges over the months

“Hi Sarah, Just want to thank you after training with my BDM teams we have a record month and the team are on the right track now! Love your work and appreciate what you have done to the team.”

Jimmy | Director

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