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Speaking at events isn't just about sharing information.
It's about inspiring people to take action.

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If you’re organising an event, or even just looking to inspire your team, the most important factor will be your guest motivational speaker.

As a keynote speaker with specific industry experience in real estate, property management and business development, my job is to bring my unique experiences and perspective along to inspire with my high-impact sessions.

My aim is to have the audience fired up and ready to head back to their day-to-day roles with practical, actionable advice that sees them RISE.

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While I can speak on almost any topic to do with the real estate, property management and BDM journey, as a motivational speaker my favourites are the following:

Creating Growth Through Connective Conversations

This presentation offers insights, actionable strategies, and empowers property management professionals with the tools they need to embrace the untapped potential of connective conversations. Attendees will leave with a fresh perspective on how every conversation can drive growth, foster relationships, and reshape the trajectory of the businesses.


The Art Of Relationships

Offering a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of relationships in the property management industry. Attendees will leave with a profound understanding of how nurturing connections can lead to exponential growth and a competitive edge in the industry.


Phone calls are not dead

Equipping property management professionals with the tools to breathe new life into their phone conversations. Attendees will leave with a renewed appreciation for the power of communication and a roadmap for converting dialogues into impactful management actions and optimising future interactions.


The Conscious BDM

Weaving together mindfulness principles, the power of intentions, and actionable strategies to become more conscious and purpose driven in their business development roles. Attendees will leave with a renewed perspective on the interconnectedness of business and well-being, ready to embrace a more mindful approach to their professional journey.

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"I had the pleasure of seeing Sarah present as a Keynote Speaker at an event I attended recently. She is incredibly engaging and brings a great energy to the stage. Her ability to connect with the audience through storytelling and humour is fantastic. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen her speak get along to her next event!"

- Jason

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