Sarah Cincotta
23 Apr 2024

What it means to influence in Property Management. 4 Strategies for BDM Growth


As Business Development Managers (BDMs), we often find ourselves juggling multiple balls, working tirelessly to drive growth and revenue for our agency. Yet, amidst this hustle, the power of personal influence can sometimes be overlooked. It’s this influence that I’ve learned to harness over the years, crafting a brand that resonates deeply with both my clients and the wider community. In this article, I want to share how leveraging this influence has become a cornerstone of my success as a BDM and how it can transform your career too.

Here’s how I’ve utilised my influence to not just meet, but exceed my professional objectives:

Engage Before You Post

The digital world is cluttered, and standing out requires more than just posting about your achievements. I’ve found that engaging with my audience before sharing my own content significantly boosts its visibility and impact. By commenting on posts, sharing relevant information, and participating in online discussions, I create a two-way street of communication that enhances my online presence and builds meaningful relationships.

Genuine Connections

For me, social media is not just a platform for broadcasting successes. It’s a space to cultivate real connections. I make it a point to personally message followers who regularly engage with my content, taking the time to truly understand and connect with them beyond the screen. This approach has turned passive followers into active supporters and even friends, amplifying my influence in ways I had never imagined.

Utilise Your Results 

Each property you lease is not just a notch in your belt but a chance to further solidify your influence in the community. Whether through ID4me calls, letterboxing, or even community events, you can use these opportunities to remind people of the work you do and the value you bring. It’s about more than just showcasing success though, it’s about demonstrating your commitment to and involvement in the community you serve.

Building a Community-Centric Brand

A significant part of leveraging your influence involves being a visible, active member of your community. Do people in your local area know what you do and how you can help them? Gaining this visibility is crucial. Participating in community events, offering property investing workshops, or even sponsoring local teams can make all the difference in how you’re perceived within the community.

Adopting a mindset of “social gratitude” has also been transformative for my personal branding and marketing efforts. 

As Therese O’Neill rightly said:

 “Social gratitude is the greatest social media secret you’ve never heard of and is a game-changer for your brand” 

This practice involves acknowledging every interaction, freely sharing knowledge, and consistently showing appreciation to your community. It’s about creating a culture of gratitude that touches everyone you interact with.

For BDMs looking to grow, understanding and utilising our influence within the industry is non-negotiable. It’s not just about promoting your personal brand or engaging with the community on a superficial level. It’s about demonstrating the unique value you bring through every interaction. My journey with RISE has been about empowering BDMs to transform from desperately chasing clients to becoming magnetic professionals who attract investors naturally.

By embracing these strategies and leading with a heart-centered approach, I’ve seen firsthand the profound impact it can have on your career. Remember, in a crowded marketplace, your influence, authenticity, and dedication to building genuine relationships are your strongest assets.

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