Sarah Cincotta
12 Dec 2023

The Potential of Your Business Development Managers: A Call to Directors


As a director, if you have a Business Development Manager working in your office, it’s crucial to turn your attention to the challenges they might be facing. Having personally collaborated with over 50 BDMs and engaged in discussions with hundreds more throughout the year, I’ve identified some common concerns that could be impacting their performance and, consequently, your business growth.

The Silent Struggles:

Surprisingly, a significant percentage of BDMs are grappling with various issues, including feeling unsupported, unmotivated, stuck, unclear about goals, undervalued, underpaid, disconnected, overlooked, and facing burnout. These sentiments are concerning, especially considering that BDMs play a pivotal role in driving business growth, often serving as the face of the organization when engaging potential clients.

What BDMs Desire:

From my interactions with BDMs, it’s evident that they have certain expectations and desires:

  1. Professional Training: BDMs seek training that goes beyond mere piggybacking on standard sales training. They want specialised training that addresses the unique challenges of their role.
  2. Professional and Personal Development: A desire for continuous development to enhance both professional skills and personal confidence.
  3. Constructive Feedback: BDMs crave constructive feedback to gauge their performance and ensure they are on the right track.
  4. Accountability: A need for accountability measures to keep them focused and on track toward their goals.
  5. Support and Recognition: BDMs aspire to be their best, and they need support and recognition for their hard work and contributions to the success of the business.
  6. Understanding of the BDM Role: Recognition of the intricacies of the BDM role and the unique challenges it presents.

The Solution:

Recognising these needs is the first step towards fostering a more productive and satisfied BDM. To see your BDMs thrive and achieve optimal results for your business, it’s crucial to provide them with the right support and attention. Investing in your BDMs is investing in the growth of your business, and this investment can yield significant returns.

How I Can Help:

As someone dedicated to enhancing the potential of BDMs, I step in to work directly with them. My focus is on empowering BDMs to be the best version of themselves, thereby maximizing the results they can achieve within your business. By addressing their concerns, providing tailored training, and offering ongoing support, I ensure that your BDMs are well-equipped to drive the growth and success of your business.

Overlooking the concerns of your BDMs can have far-reaching consequences. By acknowledging and addressing their needs, you not only create a more positive and motivated work environment but also position your business for sustained growth.

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